Welcome to the Maven’s haven.

Thank you for knocking on our door. Kiss the Mezuzah and step right in.



The Parthian king, Artiban, once sent a priceless jewel to Rabbi Judah the Prince (135 c.e. – 220 c.e.), who was the compiler of the Mishna and one of the wealthiest Jews. The king made it obvious that he expected something of equal value in return. The Rabbi’s return gift to the king was a Mezuzah. The king’s reply was: “I sent you something priceless and you sent me something that can be bought for a paltry sum!” The Rabbi answered: “You sent me something that I must hire a guard to watch and I sent you something that will watch over you!”

After a while, the king’s daughter fell ill (in the words of the Talmud she was possessed by a demon), and all of the doctors could not cure her. Rebbe instructed him to place the mezuzah on her door, and she recovered.