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Mezuzah Questions?

The Mezuzah Maven has answered hundreds of questions, and wants to answer your questions also.

What’s a Mezuzah? And what’s a Maven?

“Mezuzah” literally means a doorpost. We are directed by the Torah to affix a sacred parchment on our doorposts, upon which are written the first two paragraphs of the Shma.

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Is It OK to Only Have One Mezuzah for the Front Door?

I come from a traditional home; in fact, my mother kept kosher and we had a mezuzah.  I too have always proudly placed a mezuzah on my front door…

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What is the significance of the Mezuzah and why is it important to install them?

The Mezuzah is one of the primary physical symbols of Judaism. It is an expression of our love for Hashem and a reminder not to stray from Him.

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Office in a Public Company

I recently started a job in a public company. It was the first time I have worked in the corporate world; up until now my employers were always Jewish. I was quite relieved when my manager told me he had no objection for me to put up a mezuzah on my office door.



I am a freshman at a State University. When I moved into my dorm room, I realized that I had never thought to bring a mezuzah. I would feel funny living in a room without one, but I would also feel funny putting one up since the room belongs to the University. (My non-Jewish roommate said she wouldn’t mind if I put it up). What is the right thing to do?


Affixing Mezuzot before Thirty Days in a Rental Dwelling

My husband and I are both doctors. We just signed a contract for a rental apartment close to the hospitals that we will be working in. I was told that I didn’t have to put up mezuzot until the night of the thirty-first day that we are living there. But, I’m afraid that with our hectic schedules we will forget. Is it allowed to put them up from the beginning if we want to?


Laundry Room

My laundry room is kept very busy by my growing family, thank Hashem. My neighbor told me that his rabbi told him he shouldn’t put up a mezuzah on his laundry room doorway. He explained that since the soiled clothing of little children are commonly washed there, the room does not have a dignified purpose. Is that true?


Mezuzah stories

The Mezuzah Maven has answered hundreds of questions, and wants to answer your questions also.


Rav Ze’ev Kraines, Z"TL

Rav Ze’ev Kraines, Z"TL

The Mezuzah Maven

You are at the website which was the brainchild and product of the late Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines OBM. In the last years of his illustrious life, he planned its creation and wrote the Sefer upon which it is based. The Mezuzah project is a true embodiment of what R’ Kraines stood for. It carries the messages of love of Hashem, the bastion of the Jewish home, and the beauty and pleasantness of all of the Mitzvos. 

In his positions in South Africa, including rabbi of Ohr Somayach Sandton for 27 years, as well as principal of Shaarei Torah Primary School for 14 years, he brought hundreds of Jews closer to their father in heaven. By taking up yet another role as the “Mezuzah Maven”, he intended to ensure that every Jewish home would merit to this beautiful Mitzvah and receive the sanctity and spiritual protection from Mezuzos that it deserves.

A month prior to his passing, he bid his son R’ Shmuel to continue this project after him and to become the new “Mezuza Maven”. 

Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines passed away after a highly productive life at the age of 65. It is noteworthy that 65 is the numerical equivalent value of the Hebrew word Mezuzah.

Find out more about Rabbi Ze’ev Kraines זצ”ל at his memorial website rabbikraines.com