King of Persia

About King Artaban of Persia, who was very friendly with Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, the following story is told: Once, the king sent Rabbi Hanasi the gift of a precious gem as an expression of the high regard in which he held him. In return, Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi sent the...

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One Mezuzah, Two Souls

When Perla Cohen took her first steps closer to Judaism, she was an Economics student at the University of Lyon, France. She joined one of the Torah classes that Rabbi Shmuel Gurewich, a Lubavitcher shliach, held on the campus once a week. Since Perla's family lived...

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The Story of the Maalot Massacre, 1974

In the summer of 1973, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, made numerous urgent requests that  children should be encouraged to give coins to tzedakah and recite a few Torah passages, such as the Shema and Torah Tziva. Chassidim were astonished,...

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Veshinantam Levanecha: Teach Them to Your Children

Reba Kaye's sister was five months pregnant when she had to consult her doctor regarding a worrisome amount of bleeding. The doctor ordered her to stay home from work and to rest. A few days later, Reba's husband, Richard, called to see how she was doing and got her...

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Hashem Will Repay You

0ne day, Sholem Tatelman and his rabbi came to see Rabbi Eli Gutnik, a sofer working in Melbourne, Australia, for the purpose of buying a number of mezuzahs for his new home. The sofer gave Sholem his choice of two types of mezuzahs: standard mezuzahs, which would...

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For Your Eyes Only

In 1985, when Chaya Rivka, the eldest daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal HaAmek, Israel, returned home from school with a swollen eye, the rabbi and his wife thought nothing of it. But her eye continued to swell until it began oozing pus...

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Welcome to the Maven's haven. Thank you for knocking on our door. Kiss the Mezuzah and step right in. MEZUZAH STORIES The following story was told in the recently published book Confessions of a Jewish Cult Buster.   Several years ago young Ronnie H. was wooed away...

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More than just a pretty case

Welcome to the Maven's haven. Thank you for knocking on our door. Kiss the Mezuzah and step right in. MEZUZAH STORIES By Elana Kahn-Oren March 21st, 2003 Local stories relate mezuzah miracles of The Chronicle staff After three years of trying to conceive a second...

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