Does a tent need a Mezuzah?

Does a tent need a Mezuzah?


I love to spend my summer break camping. This year, I was felt less adventurous than usual, and chose to pitch my tent in a public camping area, where there are bathrooms and showers nearby. I was there for a good few weeks. I have never heard of a tent with a Mezuzah, but I don’t understand why it is any different to a temporary rental. Can you explain this to me?


You are correct that camping tents are exempt from Mezuzah placement. This is because the Torah writes to place Mezuzot on the doorways of one’s “house.” As strong and well-furnished as your camping tent may be, and though you may live in it for a month at a time with facilities in the area, it does not provide sufficient shelter for people to live in it permanently, and it thus cannot considered a “house.”[1]

[1] Rambam Hilchos Berachos 11:2. This Q & A was compiled by Shmuel Kraines, as heard from the author of Agur B’Ohalecha.

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