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“We heard many inexplicable healing stories from friends demonstrating the power that lies in correcting the defects that can appear on these small mezuzah parchments. Health was restored. Difficulties in relationships were resolved. Peace in the home was re-established.

Victor Kurtzman, a friend of ours, a Chabad Rabbi in Los Angeles suffered a severe injury on one eye. The surgeons gave up on saving his eye. When urgently contacted, the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s response over the telephone from New York was clear cut: “Check your mezuzot and teffilin.” Our friend immediately brought his mezuzot and teffilin to the scribe. Indeed a defect was found on the word “Eineicha,” meaning “your eyes,” which was immediately corrected. Our friend’s eye recovered, without any surgery.

A few years later, he had severe persistent pains in his arm from a pinched sciatic nerve and the doctors felt this could only be helped through surgery. Our friend of course sent his mezuzot to the scribe to be checked. He didn’t realize that for some reason, the scribe had delayed taking care of it. The day before the operation, our friend called the scribe.

“Have you checked my mezuzot? “I am sorry, not yet.”

“Please do it NOW!”

On that day, our friend felt much better. One of his mezuzot had been finally corrected on the defect the scribe found on the word “yadecha,” meaning “your arm”. Two letters had been “pinched” together.

On the next day, the pain was gone and the doctors decided that the operation was no longer necessary.

So the Hebrew words inscribed in the mezuzah hold a mysterious power over our lives and well being, as we tune in to them. It is a very good idea to have your mezuzot checked by a scribe. And whether you have mezuzot or not on your doors, it is highly recommended to stay connected in your heart and soul with the essential words and instructions they hold, to love God with all our heart, with all your soul and inner most being.”
(Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov: www.dorvador.org.il)