Mezuzah in Sealed Case

Mezuzah in Sealed Case


My wife’s cousin gave us a special glass mezuzah case as a wedding present. As he gave it to us, he said that he heard that once a kosher mezuzah is sealed in this case, no humidity can penetrate it. He said that he was told by a rabbi that if the case is not exposed to direct sunlight or extremes of cold or heat, it never needs to be checked. Can this be true?


Some authorities assert that a mezuzah in a sealed glass case that does not come in contact with the wall and is not exposed to the elements does not need checking.[1] However, the Shulchan Aruch and the later authorities do not mention any exceptions to the halachic requirement that an individual should check his mezuzot every three and a half years. As you wrote, extremes of heat and cold and exposure to sunlight can ruin even the best protected mezuzah.

Therefore, other authorities recommend that one should check all the mezuzot of his home at the prescribed intervals without exception.[2]  

[1] Shulchan Gavo’ah Y.D. 291; Halichos Shlomo, Tefillah, 4 (end).

[2] Agur B’Ohalecha 32:3-4.

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