Welcome to the Maven’s haven.

Thank you for knocking on our door. Kiss the Mezuzah and step right in.



Rabbi Yoseph Samuels, of Chabad of Downtown, explained the mitzvah’s importance: “The connection between God and the Jewish people is through mitzvahs, and mitzvahs are conduits through which God gives us blessing and life and all the wonderful things he gives us.

“The mitzvah of mezuzah is a conduit for the blessing for one’s house and a person’s well-being, his health. So, if your tefillin and mezuzot are in good order, that means your channels by which God provides life and blessings are open. They’re proper, they’re fixed, they’re good,” he said.

Samuels recalls affixing mezuzot about 20 years ago in every doorway of accountant Larry Appel’s third-floor office, located in a downtown building.

“There was a January thaw and there was a hole in the roof, and everybody’s office in that building became flooded with water. There was thousands of dollars of damage. The only office that didn’t have one drop of water was Larry’s.

“When the inspectors came, they asked, ‘What did you put on the door that kept the water out?’” explained Samuels with a laugh.

Appel remembers, “All my non-Jewish neighbors came in and said, ‘Come on, what’s going on?’ In my heart I think mezuzot provided protection.”