Security Gate in front of Door

Security Gate in front of Door


I’ve got a metal security gate right outside my wooden front door. Each of the doors has its own doorposts and lintel. Do I need two mezuzot?


If the space between the two doorframes is more than four tefachim, you would need two mezuzot: The area between the two doors has the special status of a beit sha’ar (gate-house) and thus needs a mezuzah even though it is not four by four amot sq.

If the space is less than four tefachim, a mezuzah should be put on the inner doorframe. The security door needs no mezuzah since the area it encloses is too small to be considered a beit sha’ar. [1]

[See also question “Two Doors Sharing the Same Doorway.”]

[1] Agur Bohalecha 36:40.

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