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What is the significance of the Mezuzah and why is it important to install them?

The Mezuzah is one of the primary physical symbols of Judaism. It is an expression of our love for Hashem and a reminder not to stray from Him.

The Rambam writes:

Thus, he will awake from his sleep and his obsession with the vanities of time, and he will recognize that there is nothing which lasts for eternity except the knowledge of the Creator of the world. This will motivate him to regain full awareness and follow the paths of the upright.

The ever-present mezuzah is also a reminder that even though in the innermost chambers of our home we may be hidden from human view, Hashem is aware of our deeds. The great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Alshich of Tzefas explains:

When a person is away from the prying eyes of others, he may struggle to overcome his yetzer ha-ra. Therefore, Hashem commanded that we place a mezuzah on our doorways, so that as we enter our home, His presence will be in front of our eyes always, and we will not swerve from the proper path. For this reason, Hashem required that we place mezuzot on our innermost rooms.

For more information on the symbolism and benefits of the Mezuzah, refer to the side-panel in section “A Deeper Look”.