Small room with floorspace blocked

Small room with floorspace blocked


We are recently married and are renting a small apartment. The only place for the washing machine is in our kitchen. With the washing machine inside the area of the kitchen will be less than sixteen sq. amot. Does the kitchen need a mezuzah?


In some small kitchens, fixtures such as washing machines, ovens, sinks and cupboards can diminish the size of the floor space to below the minimal area. However, according to most authorities, these items enhance the functionality of the room, and thus are not looked at as “blocking” the floor space.

Therefore, if the dimension of the actual room meets the minimal standard of sixteen sq. amot, a mezuzah is placed on the right side of one going into the kitchen. However, in deference to the opinions that the fixtures do decrease the habitable space of the kitchen, one should affix the mezuzah without a berachah.[1]

[1] Chovas HaDar 4:7:22; Maharsham 3:263; Kuntres HaMezuzah  286:13:160.

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