Multiple Doors

Multiple Doors


Our house is quite confusing as it has many rooms and multiple doors. My question concerns the placement of a mezuzah in the doorway between our living room and a small side room. Our front entrance hall has a door opening into the living room and, right alongside it, another door into the side room. Thus, both these rooms are equally accessible to the front entrance. The living room and the side room are connected by a door. Generally, people enter the living room from the front entrance hall and continue to the side room. Which post of the living room/side room door should get the mezuzah?


The mezuzah should be placed on the right of one going into the side room. Since none of the rooms are deemed to be internal to the other, one then looks at the main direction of traffic.

This is true even though the living room is considered the main room in relation to the side room.[1] This is also true even if the door is hinged so that it opens into the living room.[2]

[For general guidelines in determining the correct right side of any doorway, consult GENERAL PRINCIPLES, located in BASICS section on our home page.]

[1] Priority Three.

[2] Priority Four.

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