Window on Top of Door

Window on Top of Door


Our front door has normal posts and a lintel. The problem is that there is a window on top of the door, and the posts of the door continue up beyond the door to the window’s lintel. My question is whether I should put the mezuzah in the top third of the whole post or just the top third of the doorpost, excluding its extension.


The mezuzah should be affixed to the top third of the doorpost, measuring from the lower lintel.[1] The extended posts are excluded because the window does not become an entrance merely because it is framed by posts and a lintel. Moreover, the significant posts are the ones that frame the door.[2]

Even so, if there is an area where the top thirds of both calculations intersect, the mezuzah should ideally be placed there, as long as it would still be a tefach away from the lower lintel.[3]

[1] Mezuzot Beitecha 289:2, citing oral ruling of Chazon Ish.

[2] Indeed, according to Rambam, a doorway without a door is exempt from mezuzah.

[3] Teshuvos V’Hanhagos 2:550.

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