Pedestrian Gate Fitted Inside a Car Gate

Pedestrian Gate Fitted Inside a Car Gate


My friend asked me to put up mezuzot in his apartment as he will be out of town on moving day, and his wife was not confident to do it herself. My chavrusa showed me that the Rambam writes that one who puts up mezuzot for others should conclude the berachah with וצונו על קביעת מזוזה — “He commanded regarding the affixing of mezuzah,” instead of לקבוע מזוזה - “He commanded us to affix a mezuzah.” Is this true?


Although this is the opinion of several authorities,[1] Shulchan Aruch, Kitzur, Chayei Adam and other halachic works do not make this distinction. Consequently, you should recite the normal berachah of לקבוע מזוזה.[2]

[1] Rambam, Hilchos Berachot 11:13; Az Nidberu 3:59.

[2] Mezuzas Melachim, Halachah L’Moshe 76; Sha’arei HaMezuzah 17:6:8, citing oral ruling of R. Shmuel Vosner and Kovetz Mi-Beit Levi 4; Pitchei Mezuzah Y.D. 289:1, citing oral ruling from R. Moshe Halberstam; See also Beiur HaGra Y.D. 305:15.

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