Walls Do Not Reach the Ceiling

Walls Do Not Reach the Ceiling


We recently divided a large bedroom with sheet walling to give one of our teenagers a private space of refuge away from her bothersome little brothers. The door we cut in the wall has two posts and a lintel, but the wall itself does not extend to the ceiling. Does it need a mezuzah?


Yes. Even if the room was a mere cubicle, and none of its walls reached the ceiling, it would be obligated with a berachah, if the wall is at least ten tefachim high and the door itself has a lintel. This is common in home offices.[1]

[1] Mezuzot Beitecha 286:14:54; Shevet HaLevi 2:151; Agur Bohalecha 25:15; Cf. Pitchei Mezuzot 286:14:87.

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